Concrete Waterproofing Projects

Glendale Community College

Project Name: Glendale Community College Location: Glendale, California, USA Architect: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Contractor: Mallcraft, Inc. Subcontractor: Eberhard Salesperson: Roger Smith Product: BEM HYDRALASTIC 836 MEL-DRAIN PRECON Scope: … [Read more...]

Waterproofing an Indoor Waterpark

Winter waterproofing of Waterpark in the Poconos Mountains required switch to W. R. MEADOWS MEL-ROL The opposite of desert conditions greeted this Kalahari project Upon hearing the name Kalahari, most people will conjure up images of a hot, arid desert in … [Read more...]

Centron Place 10 Office/Retail Complex

Project Name: Centron Place 10 Office/Retail Complex Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Architect: Gibbs Gage Architects Contractor: Davis Foundation Spray, Ltd. Salesperson: Adam Develter Product: HYDRALASTIC 836 PRECON Scope: 35,000 square feet … [Read more...]

The Michael Kors Building

A shining icon of caring rises on the streets of New York W. R. MEADOWS plays role in New Michael Kors Building for nonprofit God's Love We Deliver What does a famous fashion designer, a comedienne and water/vapor barriers have in common? The answer is the June … [Read more...]

Parkland Hospital

Project Name: Parkland Hospital Location: Dallas, Texas, USA Architect: HDR, Parkland Contractor: Alpha Insulation and Waterproofing Salesperson: Reggie Hill Products: MEL-DRAIN MEL-ROL MEL-ROL LM PRECON Scope: 239,000 square feet LEED Certification: … [Read more...]

Project Profile: Cancer Center at Munson Medical Center

Learn more about our newest project profile – Cancer Center at Munson Medical Center – featuring our building envelope materials. Project Name: Cancer Center at Munson Medical Center Location: Traverse City, Michigan, USA Architect: URS Corporation Great Lakes General … [Read more...]

South Region High School #2

Project: South Region High School #2 Location: Los Angeles, California, USA Architect: Leo A Daly Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Subcontractor: Pacific Waterproofing & Restoration, Inc. Salesperson: Gary … [Read more...]

Bay Division Pipeline at Hayward Vault

Project Name: Bay Division Pipeline at Hayward Vault Location: Fremont, California, USA Architect: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Contractor: Watertight Restoration, Inc. Salesperson: Patrick Raney Product: BEM MEL-ROL® PRECON® Scope: 26,500 square … [Read more...]

Gonzaga University Parking Garage

Project Name: Gonzaga University Parking Garage Location: Spokane, Washington, USA Architect: ALSC Architects Contractor: Vandervert Construction Subcontractor: ARK Roofing Salesperson: Bryon Allen Products: MEL-ROL® Waterproofing Membrane DECK-O-DRAIN® Drainage … [Read more...]

Private Residence in Scottsdale

Project:   Private Residence Location:   Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Contractor:   AK&J Sealants Salesperson:   Greg Neundorfer Scope:   5500 square feet Product:   BEM HYDRALASTIC 836 MEL-DRAIN™ MEL-ROL® MEL-ROL LM REINFORCING FABRIC HCR … [Read more...]

Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center

Project:   Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center Location:   San Diego, California, USA Architect: AVRP Studios Contractor:   Rudolph and Sletten Subcontractor:   PDI Coatings, Inc. Salesperson:   Greg Neundorfer Scope:   10,000 square feet Products:   HYDRALASTIC … [Read more...]

Private Residence in Beverly Hills

Project:  Private Residence Location:  Beverly Hills, California, USA Contractor:  Specialty One Contractors Salesperson:  Roger Smith Scope:  3,000 square feet Product:  HYDRALASTIC 836   … [Read more...]

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Rail Connector

Project Name:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Rail Connector Location:  Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA Architect:  Corgan Associated Contractor:  BARC Subcontractor:  CHM Weatherguard Salesperson:  David Loveless Product:  BEM MEL-DRAIN™ MEL-ROL® LIQUID … [Read more...]

West Mobile Senior Center

Project:  West Mobile Senior Center Location:  Mobile, AL General Contractor:  Ollinger Construction Architect: Knodel Associate Architects Salesperson: Joel Garland Products: PMPC, MEL-ROL, MEL-DRAIN Project Photos:   … [Read more...]

Grand Central Condo Building

Pedestrain Traffic Deck Waterproofing Project: Grand Central Condo Building Location: Tampa, Florida, USA Contractor: Water-Tite Solutions Scope: 75,000 square feet Salesperson: Tim Price Products: MEL-DRAIN™MEL-PRIME™ MEL-ROL® MEL-ROL LIQUID … [Read more...]

Bruce Nuclear Facility

Project: Bruce Nuclear Facility - Ontario, Canada General Contractor: Ellis Don. Applicator: London Caulking. Salesperson: David Boyle Products: VIBRAFLEX PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL with PLASMATIC CORE (PMPC) PMPC TAPE MEL-PRIME MEL-ROL PERMINATOR POINTING … [Read more...]

Perryville Prison Complex

Underslab Vapor Protection using Multiple Products from W. R. MEADOWS Extreme protection from through slab ground moisture intrusion on a traffic surface. Project: Perryville Prison Complex Location: Goodyear, Arizona, USA Architect: Arrington Watkins … [Read more...]

Student Residence University of Waterloo

Project: Student Residence University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario Application: Membrane waterproofing and drainage matrix Products: MEL-ROL, MEL-DRAIN   … [Read more...]

Valle Lindo Adult Education Center

Project: Valle Lindo Adult Education Center - El Monte, CA Application: Below grade, liquid applied waterproofing Product: MEADOW-PRUF SEAMLESS   … [Read more...]

Project: Waterproofing Protection

Project: Waterproofing Protection 202,500 sq ft. (completion date - Aug. 2001) Location: Kuwait Product: PROTECTION COURSE   … [Read more...]

University of Waterloo School of Optometry Addition

Project:          University of Waterloo School of Optometry Addition Location:        Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Contractor:     Devonshire Restoration Salesperson: David Boyle Products: MEL-ROL Rolled, Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane PERMINATOR Underslab Vapor … [Read more...]

Science Park Phase 2

Project: Science Park Phase 2, Area B Location: Hong Kong, China Distributor: Talford (China) Ltd. Salespeople: Todd Cook, Mark Vogel Product: PROTECTION COURSE Project Size: 25,840 sheets; 723,520 Sq. Feet   … [Read more...]

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation – Moisture Protection

Concrete Construction - Building Moisture Protection System Project: Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma Top row of pictures - MEL-ROL Bottom Row - MEL-ROL with PROTECTION COURSE     … [Read more...]

Smart Center – Traffic Deck Waterproofing

Traffic Deck Waterproofing Membrane Protection Project: Smart Center Location: San Diego, CA Project Size: 10,000 sq. ft. Product: VIBRAFLEX® Bridge Deck Protection Course   Project Photos:   … [Read more...]

Great Plains Technology Center

Project: Great Plains Technology Center Location: Lawton, Oklahoma, USA Salesperson: Paul Goolsby Project Size: 70,000 square feet This building houses a 911 emergency office and law enforcement classrooms. Products: MEL-DRAIN Rolled Matrix Drainage … [Read more...]