Asphalt Coating


   32 01 13.62 DATA SHEET 2900-A625 Related Content: Safety Data Sheet   A-625 FAST DRY Additive for TRMSS and Asphalt-Based Sealers DESCRIPTION A-625 FAST DRY is a specially blended copolymer emulsion additive containing … [Read more...]

1109 PRO-SEAL – Asphalt Sealer

32 12 36.13 DATA SHEET 2900-1109 Related Content: Safety Data Sheet 1109 PRO-SEAL Asphalt Sealer DESCRIPTION 1109 PRO-SEAL is a combination of specially refined asphalt emulsion, selected fibers, mineral filler, polymer modifiers, and … [Read more...]

600 Asphalt Primer

   32 12 13.23 DATA SHEET 7100-600 600 Asphalt Primer DESCRIPTION 600 Asphalt Primer is a unfilled, cutback asphalt for priming surfaces prior to the application of waterproofing or roof coatings. It has excellent penetration … [Read more...]

1180 SS-1 Primer

   32 12 13.16 DATA SHEET 2900-1180 1180 SS-1 Primer DESCRIPTION 1180 SS-1 PRIMER is an emulsified asphalt containing selected fillers designed for use as a tack coat for cold and hot mix patching. It is cold … [Read more...]