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Plastic Joint Materials

Preformed Contraction Joint
SPEED-E-JOINT consists of two solid pieces that have been pre-assembled for easy handling and installation.

SPEED-E-JOINT offers an ideal solution to controlling cracks in concrete. It is a rigid preformed contraction joint that produces a straight-line crack on the surface of concrete slabs and locks into the aggregate just below the surface. SPEED-E-JOINT is strong, economical, and eliminates waste in providing straight lines. It is quick and easy to install. The top section pulls free once the joint has been placed correctly in the wet concrete.

Furnished in three depths: 25.4 mm, 38.1 mm, and 50.8 mm (1″, 1.5″, and 2″). Standard length is 3.05 m (10′).

PVC Tongue and Groove Joint Form
KEYWAY is lightweight, flexible, and an easy way to mould a keyed tongue and groove construction joint. KEYWAY resist impact and will not whip or warp. It strips quickly and can be reused or left in place.

PVC Expansion Joint
DECK-O-JOINT is a decorative expansion joint for use wherever concrete is placed. It is economical, long-lasting, and trouble-free. DECK-O-JOINT resists acids, alkali, chlorine, etc. A light hose down keeps it bright and clean.

DECK-O-JOINT will not whip or warp during application. It locks into concrete and adjusts for any slab movement. DECK-O-JOINT’s exclusive channel design prevents excessive seepage and water damage. Colours: Stone Grey, Desert Tan, Dura-White.

Expansion Joint Cap
SNAP-CAP provides a time- and cost-saving method for forming straight, uniform, and debris-free joints of the proper configuration, ready to seal. The top of SNAP-CAP pulls free and can be discarded. The exposed concrete surfaces assure balanced adherence to the sides. It is ideal for both horizontal and vertical concrete projects. SNAP-CAP is available in four widths as shown in the table on page 2.

Preformed Contraction Joint
To install SPEED-E-JOINT, press a straight edge cutting tool into the wet concrete to part the aggregate in a straight line. Place SPEED-E-JOINT into the separation until the top segment lays on the surface of the wet concrete. Remove the top. Float concrete to fill all voids adjacent to SPEED-E-JOINT and finish in the normal manner.

PVC Expansion Joint
Press DECK-O-JOINT into the wet concrete until top is level with the concrete. Float concrete to fill all voids adjacent to DECK-O-JOINT. Finish in the normal manner. Remove protective tape.

PVC Tongue and Groove Joint Form
Nail or staple KEYWAY to the form or header prior to pouring concrete. Pour the concrete. After the concrete sets up, remove KEYWAY to leave the ideal tongue and groove type joint. If desired, KEYWAY can be left in place.

Expansion Joint Cap
To install, slide SNAP-CAP over the top of the expansion joint. Place the concrete and screed to finish grade as usual. When concrete is cured, insert a screwdriver through the top of SNAP-CAP, pull free and discard. The joint is ready to seal.

Plastic Joint Materials Size Information

SPEED-E-JOINT N/A 25.4 mm (1″)
38.1 mm (1 1/2″)
50.8 mm (2″)
3.05 m (10′)
DECK-O-JOINT 15.88 mm (5/8″) 41.3 mm (1 5/8″) 3.05 m (10′)
KEYWAY 63.5 mm (2.5″)
88.9 mm (3.5″)
88.9 mm (3 1/2″) 3.05 m (10′)
SNAP-CAP 9.53 mm (3/8″)
12.7 mm (1/2″)
19.05 mm (3/4″)
25.4 mm (1″)
12.7 mm (1/2″) 3.05 m (10′)

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May help contribute to LEED credits:

  • MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management
  • MR Credit 4: Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5: Regional Materials




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