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Patina Acid Stain

SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain is a ready to use, penetrating product that reacts with concrete to produce a unique and permanent coloured surface. Unlike other colourants, SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain penetrates the concrete surface to produce the aged appearance of timeworn patina. The colour will last as long as the concrete surface remains intact. SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain is available in a variety of colours and creates an antique coloured finish when applied to concrete.

SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain can be used on both old and new, as well as interior and exterior concrete surfaces, to achieve an antiqued, permanent colouration of the concrete. Common areas of application include: patios, pool decks, driveways/walkways, plazas, etc. SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain cannot be used to hide surface imperfections or to cover construction errors. The final colour obtained is unique to each concrete surface and is dependent on the chemical composition, mix design, porosity, age, texture and colour of the original concrete substrate.


  • Permanently stains concrete surfaces. Will not disrupt the appearance of the natural concrete substrate.
  • Can be used on all types of concrete surfaces.
  • Easy application and clean up.
  • Available in six different colours.
  • Colours may be blended on-site for custom projects.
  • Provides the artist or contractor with a myriad of decorative options.

12 months when stored under normal conditions away from direct sunlight.

3.78 L (1 U.S. gallon containers)

COLOUR: Available in Buckskin, Cinnamon, Coffee, Maligne Blue, Moss and Pike Green.

LIMITATIONS: The colour obtained and depth of penetration is not predictable. For this reason, prior to general application, a representative jobsite test section must be produced and approved on each individual concrete surface for each colour to verify and approve suitability. There are instances where it is not possible to successfully stain certain concrete surfaces. Concrete from different loads or pours and in patched areas may appear significantly different in colour from adjacent areas when chemically stained. Please contact a technical representative from W. R. MEADOWS for a colour selector.

SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain drying times will vary with temperature and relative humidity.

Average coverage is 9.83 m² per liter (400 ft² per U.S.gallon) per coat. Coverage will vary widely depending on the porosity and texture of the surface, as well as the preparation and application techniques. Material can be diluted up to 8:1.
NOTE: Diluting the material will cause variation in the final colour.

Newly placed concrete:
Newly placed concrete should be cured a minimum of 14 days. Liquid curing materials must not be used. Immediately prior to staining, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned. The surface should be swept and then pressure washed. Use of a high quality commercial detergent will facilitate cleaning. The surface must be rinsed after cleaning until the rinse water is completely clean. NOTE: Do not clean concrete by acid etching.

Existing (old) concrete: Existing concrete must be cleaned immediately prior to staining so that the surface is completely penetrable. Test the surface by applying drops of water. The water should immediately darken the concrete and be readily absorbed. If the water beads and does not penetrate, additional surface preparation is needed. To remove dirt and contami nants, detergents and other commercial cleaners may be used. Pressure washing or scrubbing with a rotary floor machine is sometimes required. NOTE: Do not clean concrete by acid etching.

After cleaning, the surface must be rinsed thoroughly until the ri nse water is completely clean. Wet vacuums may be used to remove the dirty water. After drying, the surface must be retested using the “water drop test” to ensure adequate surface penetration. Additional spot cleaning and rinsing may be required. Concrete that has been previously coated with liquid curing materials, paints, coatings, sealers, waxes or water repellants, or surfaces that cannot be successfully cleaned by other methods, must be sandblasted. Sand remaining on the surface should be removed by sweeping or pressure washing prior to staining.

All application and surface preparation procedures and equipment should be tested for suitability and acid resistance before use. Metal containers shoul d never be used to hold SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain, as they will rapidly corrode and possibly change the colour of the stain. Suitable protective gear should be worn and government regulations and all applicable safety requirements should be followed. Refer to product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for complete health and safety information. Mask off any areas that should not come into contact with SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain using W. R. MEADOWS RED ROSIN PAPER. Appl y stain with an acid resistant hand pump sprayer, sponge, lambs wool applicator, mop, roller or brush following the recommended coverage rates. A fizzing action will result when the stain comes into contact with the concrete surface.

NOTE: If there is no evidence of fizzing, the concrete is not sufficiently prepared to receive the stain, or additional cleaning may be necessary.

SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain should be transferred to the surface by brush or spray and immediately scrubbed in as soon as it touches the concrete, using a circular or figure eight motion. Work in small sections, keeping the brush in constant contact with the surface and in continuous motion, until the fizzing stops. To avoid lap marks, reacted solution should not be spread to new work sections, but should only be overlapped with and worked into the edges of the adjacent, still wet, previously stained areas. A wet edge must be maintained. SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain should be allowed to remain in contact with the concrete until the desired effect is obtained, typically a minimum of four hours. For both single and mixed colour applications, the stained surface should be washed between applications to fully evaluate the colour effect before an additional coat is applied.

NOTE: The longer SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain is left on the concrete, the more intense the colour will be. Pre-wetting the surface may reduce the occurrence of lap marks, but also will decrease the colour intensity of the stain.

After the final application of SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain has remained on the surface a minimum of four hours, all un-reacted SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain must be neutralized using a solution of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water, using one pound of baking soda per 18.9 L (5 U.S. gallons) of water. This solution should be applied until it stops fizzing. The surface should then be rinsed several times with clean water to remove all residue. All run off should be collected by wet-vacuuming or absorbing with an inert material. After rinsing, a wet strip of pH paper should be placed on the concrete. If the pH reads 7 or higher (when compared to colour chart), the concrete has been properly neutralized. If the pH is below 7, further neutralization is needed. After completion of neutralizati on, rinsing and a pH check, the stained surface should be tested for cleanliness by wiping with a white cloth or glove. If residue appears on the cloth or glove, additional surface cleaning is necessary. Failure to completely remove all residue prior to sealing the concrete will cause appearance defects, adhesion loss, peeling, reduced durability and possibly bond failure and delamination of the sealer.

Protect SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain applications with DECRA-SEAL™ or DECRA-SEAL W/B from W. R. MEADOWS. NOTE: Wetting the concrete surface will give an indication of how the substrate will look once a sealer is applied. Allow the concrete to dry thoroughly prior to sealer application.

Suitable protective gear should be worn. SPECTRUM 930 Patina Acid Stain cleans up with water. All federal, state and local regulations should be followed for proper disposal.

All equipment and containers should be tested for acid resistance prior to use. Metal containers should never be used as they will rapidly corrode and change the colour of the stain. Avoid direct contact with this product as well as inhalation of vapors. DANGER! CORROSIVE MATERIAL. CAUSES SEVERE EYE IRRITATION, WITH POSSIBLE BLINDNESS. CAUSES EYE AND SKIN BURNS. MAY BE FATAL IF SWALLOWED, INHALED OR ABSORBED THROUGH SKIN. Refer to product safety data sheet (SDS) for complete health
and safety information.




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