SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF – Concrete Repair Mortar and Resurfacer (Canada)

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Concrete Repair Mortar and Resurfacer

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is a single-component, polymer-modified, rapid-hardening, cementitious concrete repair mortar designed for the renovation and resurfacing of deteriorated concrete surfaces.  SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor.

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF (trowel texture finish) is suitable for featheredge to 12.7 mm in depth as a cementitious resurfacer for concrete.

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is also a premium-grade repair mortar designed to renovate and repair concrete from featheredge to 50.8 mm in depth depending on aggregate extension.  The product is also suitable for vertical and overhead repairs.

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is easy to use, versatile, and produces a horizontal repaired surface suitable for rubber-wheeled traffic.

For overhead or vertical use, SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is an ideal choice for smoothing rough surfaces, repairing honeycombs, and dressing up bug holes. When mixed, the product’s creamy consistency provides an excellent skim coating for swimming pools, concrete walls, balconies, etc.

Because of its excellent bond strength, breathable properties, and freeze-thaw resistance, SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF may be used for interior and/or exterior surfaces; below-, above- or on-grade.


  • Repairs and resurfaces.
  • Contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor.
  • Colour-enhanced for a light gray finish.
  • Polymer modified – enhanced bond.
  • Specifically engineered for high abrasion resistance.
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic, soft-rubber tires, and forklifts/loaders.
  • Will accept various coatings.
  • May be dyed, stained, or pigmented.
  • May be mechanically sanded.
  • Will aid in waterproofing.
  • Breathable – will not act as a vapour
  • Excellent freeze-thaw characteristics – Long term exterior stability

18.1 Kg (40 Lb.) Bag

Yield per 18.1 kg (40 lb.) bag is 11.3 L (0.40 ft.3)

Depth (mm) Depth (Inches) M2/unit Ft.2/Unit
0.8 1/32 14.9 160
1.6 1/16 7.4 80
3.2 1/8 3.7 40
6.4 ¼ 1.9 20
12.7 ½ 0.9 10

Coverages are approximate and will vary due to substrate conditions and application methods.

Store on pallets in a cool, dry location.  Do not store outdoors.  Shelf life of properly stored product is one year from date of manufacture when stored in unopened, original packaging.

The following physical properties were determined using the mix ratio of 2.1 L (2.25 quarts) of potable water per unit at 23.9° C.

Set Times per ASTM C 191
Initial:               1 hours
Final:                2 hours

Compressive Strength per ASTM C 109
@ 1 day:            17.2 MPA     (2,500 psi)
@ 28 days:        44.8 MPA     (6,500 psi)

All technical data is typical information, but may vary due to testing methods, conditions, and operators.

Light Grey.

Surface Preparation … Prepare concrete substrate in accordance with ICRI Technical Guideline No 310.2-1997: Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers, Coatings, and Polymer Overlays.  Apply only when temperature is 7.2° C and rising.

Mechanically roughen or high pressure water-jet [typically 35.5 MPa (5000 psi) minimum water pressure] the existing concrete substrate to an ICRI concrete surface profile (CSP) of CSP-4 or higher. Remove all unsound concrete and provide a profiled, porous surface. The substrate must also be structurally sound, dust-free, and free of grease, oil, dirt, curing compounds, release agents, or any other surface or penetrated contaminants, coatings, or similar materials that will adversely affect the bond. Sanding or wire-brushing are not approved surface preparation methods.

Substrate must be saturated, surface dry (SSD) and free of standing water.

As a Repair Mortar … Prime (SSD) substrate with slurry coat (2 parts powder to 1 part water). Allow slurry coat to become tacky prior to application of SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF. Do not allow slurry coat to become tack-free.  If slurry coat becomes tack-free prior to application of the bulk mix, reapply slurry coat after substrate and primer have been properly saturated to a surface dry condition.

Mix Ratios:
2.1 – 2.4 L (2.25 – 2.50 quarts) per unit.

Procedures … Using a mortar-type mixer, pour 1.7 L (1.75 quarts) of the recommended water into a clean mixing container. Slowly add powder and mix to a desired consistency by using up to the remaining water as recommended for the application type. Always add the standard concrete liquid pigment or powdered inorganic pigment prior to adding the remaining water.  This will help ensure better dispersing of the pigments, resulting in a more homogenous final appearance.

Mix for three minutes or until a lump-free and homogenous consistency is obtained. Do not over mix. For small repairs, mix in a clean vessel [18.9 L (five gallons)] using a variable-speed drill with a paddle mixer at 400 – 600 rpm. Mix only complete units. Do not mix more material than can be placed and finished in 30 minutes at 25° C.

Crack Detail … Detail existing cracks, either by injecting or gravity feeding a low viscosity epoxy such as REZI-WELD® LV STATE from W. R. MEADOWS, conforming to ASTM C 881, Type IV, Grade 1 or 2, Class B or C.  Active and/or exterior cracks may telegraph through SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF.

As a Concrete Resurfacer … Do not apply SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF over expansion or active joints.  Tape or protect existing joint from intrusion of product.  The application of SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF may be placed over control joints and tooled prior to final set using an edging tool to give a frame design or mechanically reinstate existing joints by saw-cutting after final set.  Existing joints must be honoured.

As a Concrete Resurfacer … Apply a base-coat of the properly mixed and prepared surface either by Magic Trowel®, TexMaster Tools, steel trowel, wood float, or hopper sprayer onto the surface, filling in the low or deteriorated areas.  The purpose of the base-coat is to fill in all defects while leaving the material even with the high spots.  Apply the base coat to a maximum depth of 12.7 mm (1/2″).  Any defects not properly repaired or filled in will mirror through to the topcoat.  Allow base-coat to dry prior to application of topcoat; typically the base-coat will dry in 2 – 6 hours depending on temperature and sun. Placement of the topcoat may proceed any time after base-coat has dried as long as the base-coat has not been contaminated with dirt, oil, greases, paints, or any material that will hinder bonding of the topcoat or finish-coat.  Remove any high spots or rough areas using a rubbing stone.

Pre-dampen the base-coat, especially on hot or sunny days, to cool the surface to allow for easier application and longer working time.  Apply the topcoat by Magic Trowel or hopper sprayer to a uniform, smooth surface or desired surface.  A broom finish may be applied immediately following application, typically within 10 minutes of application of the topcoat.  SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF may be sanded using a resin-bonded media grit of 100 or greater.  The use of successively finer resin-bonded media grit pads may be applied to achieve a desired smoothness.  Do not use aggressive metal-bonded pads/discs to grind or cut the surface of SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF.

For additional application techniques or decorative enhancements, such as stenciling, please contact W. R. MEADOWS.

As a Repair Mortar … Apply SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF into the repair zone substrate by compacting the material well against the properly primed and prepared substrate. Finish surface with steel or wood trowel, or sponge float. Never re-temper.

Follow these additional procedures if hot or cold weather conditions exist: Standard on Hot Weather Concreting, ACI 305; Standard on Cold Weather Concreting, ACI 306.

As a Concrete Repair Mortar … Cure SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF immediately following application using a suitable water-based curing compound from W. R. MEADOWS, or in accordance with ACI 308. W. R. MEADOWS recommends 1100-CLEAR or 1220-WHITE for curing. (Do not use solvent-based curing compounds.)

As a Concrete Resurfacer … Cure the topcoat by using two coats of VOCOMP®-30 from W. R. MEADOWS, with the second coat applied after the first coat has fully dried.

Allow SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF to cure for three days at 23.9° C prior to application of most standard surface applied coverings coatings, such as paints or epoxy overlays.  Wait 28 days prior to application of urethane overlays, unless an epoxy or suitable primer is applied prior to application of the urethane overlay or as recommended by the urethane or coating manufacturers.

Adhere to all the recommendations by manufacturer of the surface coverings systems.

SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF is recommended as a concrete resurfacer and/or topping up to 12.7 mm (1/2″) in depth.  Not intended to be used as a self-leveling underlayment. Do not apply above 32.2° C or when rain is imminent.  Maintain temperature above 7.2° C for a minimum of three days after application.  Do not bridge moving cracks. Extend existing control and expansion joints through SPECTRUM RE-KOTE TF.  For large areas with no control, expansion, or construction joints, refer to American Concrete Institute (ACI) guidelines. Apply DECRA-SEAL W/B from W. R. MEADOWS for added protection and resistance to hot-tire pickup, especially in driveway applications. Do not add any admixtures. Avoid steel-wheeled traffic in thin applications. Thin applications subjected to high point loading should also be avoided.  Exceeding water requirements shall result in reduced physical properties.  Realize that set time will decrease as the product, air, substrate, and mixing liquid temperature increases and will be increased as the temperature decreases. Protect from conditions that may cause early water loss: high winds, low humidity, high temperature, direct sunlight. Early water loss is amplified in thin applications.  When early water loss conditions exist per the above, the use of EVAPRE from W. R. MEADOWS is recommended.  Realize that the use of extender aggregate will alter physical properties.  Failure to follow industry standard practices, such as, but not limited to, ACI or International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) will result in decreased material performance.

Avoid direct contact with this product, as it may cause skin and eye irritation. Utilize gloves and safety glasses to minimize direct contact. Avoid inhalation of dust. Inhalation may cause respiratory irritation and/or lung disease (silicosis). This product contains silicon dioxide, which is classified by the IARC and NTP as probably carcinogenic to humans (IARC Group 2A). The use of NIOSH-approved respiratory protection is recommended in dusty environments. Refer to Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information.

Keep product out of reach of children. Not for consumption.

May help contribute to LEED credits:

  • MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management
  • MR Credit 5: Regional Materials

03 01 00 – Maintenance of Concrete




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