PRECON – Underslab Vapor Barrier & Blindside Waterproofing

PRECON Waterproofing

You’ve trusted W. R. MEADOWS to protect your structure from the harmful effects of moisture intrusion for years. Now we’re proud to introduce our newest waterproofing technology – PRECON – a dual function underslab and blindside waterproofing membrane.

PRECON goes where conventional waterproofing products are impractical – such as positive-side waterproofing where access is prohibited due to the soil retention system. PRECON fabric bonds tenaciously to poured concrete walls to create solid waterproofing protection. Superior to traditional clay-type products, PRECON features a greater seal to stop water in its tracks. A flexible, rubberized asphalt core also creates stronger protection than clay-type products currently used.

PRECON does double-duty when used in horizontal applications for underslab waterproofing and vaporproofing. Not only does it block water, it also inhibits vapor intrusion, creating an environmentally friendly indoor environment.

PRECON’s dual functions make it a great fit for all your waterproofing and vaporproofing needs – plus, it works seamlessly with all our other MEL-ROL products.

For innovation and performance in moisture-proofing products, trust W. R. MEADOWS, a family-owned and operated company for more than 90 years.

One source. One system. One family. Choose W. R. MEADOWS for your next waterproofing project.

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