Joint Sealants

For 90 years, W. R. MEADOWS has been leading the way in product innovation and technology. Our line of joint sealants is formulated for ease of use and provides complete joint and crack sealing capabilities. Our line includes cold-applied joint sealants, hot-applied sealants, polyurethanes, and polysulfide-based joint sealant products.

Polyurethane Joint Sealants

POURTHANE NS & SL are premium-grade polyurethane joint sealants with accelerated curing capacity.

Polyurethane Joint Sealant - Pourthane Packaging for NS and SLThe POURTHANE joint sealant line is designed for sealing concrete joints in a variety of applications, including sidewalks, balconies, pavement, terraces, warehouses, factories, civil structures, plazas, and pitch pans. Its one-component technology offers ease of use and cost-effectiveness. The POURTHANE polyurethane sealant is available in different colors to make sure each application is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Available in colors
  • Single component
  • VOC compliant
  • Specifically designed for easy tooling
  • Available in non-sag and self-leveling formulas
  • Permanently elastic – resists aging, weathering
  • Convenient, easy-to-use packaging

POURTHANE is available in two different versions – POURTHANE NS is non-sag, while POURTHANE SL is self-leveling. Both products are polyurethane-based and offer high bond strength and outstanding durability.

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Polyurethane Joint Sealants Pourthane NS and SL

Premium-grade Polyurethane Joint Sealant with Accelerated Curing Capacity

W. R. MEADOWS joint sealant products are available worldwide through our North American and international network of authorized distributors.

Hot-Applied Joint Sealants

Our line of quality, time-proven, hot-applied sealants includes:

  • #164
    Hot-Applied, Polymeric Sealant

  • 1190
    Hot-Applied, Single Component Joint Sealant

  • 3405
    Hot-Applied, Single Component, Polymeric Joint Sealant

  • 3405-M
    Modified, Hot-Applied, Single Component Polymeric Joint Sealant

  • CR-90
    Crack Filler
    cr-90 crack filler
    Hot-Applied Parking Lot Sealant

    Hot-Applied, Polymeric Sealant

Cold-Applied Joint Sealants

Our line of cold-applied sealants includes:

Joint Sealant Primer

Expansion Joints


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