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W. R. MEADOWS is committed to producing products and systems that are environmentally responsible, meet the most current federal, state and local rules and regulations, and that will have a positive impact on the environment for both current and future generations. Our products are designed to protect your work and our world.


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W. R. MEADOWS has always been concerned about the environment. Nearly two decades ago, the GREEN LINE of environmentally responsible products/systems for concrete performance was introduced. We focused our research and development on true water-based products that performed even better than the solvent-based products that came before them – all while being safer for the environment and easier to apply.

W. R. MEADOWS is a member of both the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council and our green building products are recognized by the GreenSpec directory of environmentally preferable products and CSI’s GreenFormat.

Use of W. R. MEADOWS products can be incorporated in the construction of a building to meet the performance criteria referenced in the LEED Rating System. View our LEED Credit Chart to find a complete list of W. R. MEADOWS products and the applicable LEED Credits. Refer to our LEED Guide for more detailed information on how the use of W. R. MEADOWS products can contribute to LEED Certification. Use our simple LEED Credit Calculator to determine potential LEED Credits for your project using W. R. MEADOWS products.

By using qualified “green building” products from W. R. MEADOWS, architects gain the prestige and peace of mind that goes along with utilizing quality materials, while at the same time considering the environment, worker safety and ease of application. To contact your local W. R. MEADOWS representative call (800) 342-5976 or email us.

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