Concrete Vapor Barriers

Uncontrolled water vapor through concrete slabs has cost building owners, designers and contractors billions of dollars. This moisture infiltration into structures contributes to the proliferation of mold, mildew and fungus and leads to flooring system failures, including adhesive failures, warping, blistering and staining. In addition, water vapor migration carrying alkali can cause structural failure of the concrete when reinforcing steel is present.

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PERMINATOR 15 mil vapor barrier now has a perm rating 16 times
lower than that required under the ASTM E1745 standard.
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Why settle for just a low perm rating when you can have one of the lowest perms on the market, plus nearly twice the competitive puncture resistance?

The puncture-resistance properties of PERMINATOR allow it to resist the potential for damage caused by normal job site construction activities.

The puncture-resistance properties of PERMINATOR allow it to resist the potential for damage caused by normal job site construction activities.

PERMINATOR 10 and 15 mil underslab vapor barrier now features one of the highest puncture resistance ratings in the market. This puncture resistance makes the product even more durable and tough against jobsite hazards, such as damage from walking workmen and rebar penetration. Damage created by puncturing the membrane is a leading factor in building envelope failures. PERMINATOR’s puncture resistance, plus its low perm rating, makes it the most complete underslab vapor barrier in the market.
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Issues Directly Related to Flooring System Failures

  • Many flooring systems used today form vapor barriers on top of concrete slabs and therefore trap water and alkali between the flooring system and the slab.
  • 1999 federal mandate on VOC emissions created the need and use of water-based flooring adhesives.
  • Excessive moisture content of slabs leads to adhesive failures, warping, blistering, and staining.
  • Elevated PH levels due to water vapor driving alkali to the surface of concrete slabs cause failures of flooring adhesives and epoxy systems when the PH level exceeds the PH tolerance of the material.


  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouses
  • Storage silos
  • Sewage plants
  • Chemical processing facilities
  • Refineries
  • Civic centers
  • Sports arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Food processing

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Underslab Vapor Barriers

The use of underslab vapor barriers is the best method and most economical solution for controlling water vapor migration through concrete slabs. The issue of admixtures and topically applied materials does not address the issue that concrete cracks or the potential for elevated PH levels.

ASTM E 1993 and ASTM E 1745 are the two industry standards for vapor barriers and retarders under concrete slabs in contact with soil. Note that typical polyethylene film does not meet the requirements of these standards because it degrades in this environment due to the high recycled content of the material.

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ASTM E 1993-98 –
Standard Specification for Bituminous Water Vapor Retarders Used in Concrete with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs.

These products are typically specified and used in applications where the best available protection from damaging moisture is warranted. The 1993 specification materials are also the toughest available
membranes, able to best resist the rigors of placing and finishing of the concrete slab. These materials are designed for the ultimate in water vapor permeance and strength. The perm rating requirement for this standard is 0.002 perms or less. In addition, these materials are designed to be extremely durable with tensile strengths over 140 lbs. lb./in.2 and puncture resistance of 90 lbs. force.

ASTM E 1745-09 –
Standard for Plastic Vapor Retarders in Contact with Soil Under Concrete Slabs.

One of the primary requirements of this standard is that the material be manufactured using virgin materials. While there are some polyethylene materials that meet this requirement, these products require fiber reinforcement to meet the tensile strength and puncture resistance requirements of the standard. The most economical material is polyolefin, which meets the requirements of the standard without the need for reinforcement. The perm rating requirement for products that meet this standard is 0.1 perms. In addition, this standard has three classes that deal with tensile strengths and puncture resistance.


Featured Vapor Barrier Products


is a seven-ply, weather-coated, permanently bonded, semi-flexible bituminous core board. Vaporproofing Waterproofing MembraneIt is composed of homogeneous, high-melt point bituminous material, in combination with an exclusive plasmatic core, suspended mid-point in the bituminous core. PMPC provides a positive, easy-to-install, economical, true vaporproofing and waterproofing system for horizontal applications. It offers a perm rating of less than 0.002 perms, the lowest in the industry.




underslab vapor barrier is manufactured using a blend of virgin polyolefins. Tougher then normal polyethylene, PERMINATOR provides the vapor barrier industry with a highly effective, economical choice for helping to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure, thereby helping to reduce fungus, mildew and mold growth. These vapor barriers also help reduce radon gas from entering the structure. PERMINATOR is available in 15 mil and 10 mil thicknesses.



Perminator Vapor BarrierPRECON®
W. R. MEADOWS is proud to introduce our newest underslab vapor barrier technology – PRECON – a dual function underslab vapor barrier and blindside waterproofing membrane. PRECON goes where conventional waterproofing products are impractical – such as positive-side waterproofing where access is prohibited due to the soil retention system. Superior to traditional clay-type products, PRECON features a greater seal to stop water in its tracks. PRECON does double-duty when used in horizontal applications for underslab waterproofing and vaporproofing. Not only does it block water, it also inhibits vapor intrusion, creating an environmentally friendly indoor environment.

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W. R. MEADOWS manufactures a wide array of accessory and related products for both PERMINATOR and PMPC. We can supply you with a complete system that will work together to create a solid, seamless structure.

Accessory Vapor Barrier Products: Perminator

Accessory Vapor Barrier Products

MEL-DRAIN rolled matrix drainage system is designed to remove moisture from around footings and to relieve hydrostatic head pressures. Eight versions are available.

For vertical wall applications, MEL-ROL waterproofing membrane can be installed. In this application, PERMINATOR is used as a protective course over MEL-ROL. For more information on MEL-ROL, consult our waterproofing brochure.

Also for vertical wall applications, MEL-ROL LM can be installed. MEL-ROL LM is a liquid membrane version of our standard MEL-ROL. Again, in this application, PERMINATOR is used as a protective course over the waterproofing membrane, MEL-ROL LM. For more information on MEL-ROL LM, consult our waterproofing brochure. MEL-ROL LM can also be used for stakes, small pipe, and rebar penetrations.

PERMINATOR TAPE is a self-adhesive tape for use in sealing seams and attachment to footings, protrusions, etc. It is offered in 43 (10 cm) widths and roll lengths of 1802 (55 m)/roll. It is packaged twelve rolls per carton. Coverage: One box of tape will adhere approximately 10 rolls of PERMINATOR.

POINTING MASTIC may also be used for stakes, small pipe, and rebar penetrations. Cut PERMINATOR just big enough for the penetration. POINTING MASTIC can be applied by caulking gun or trowel.

TERMINATION BAR is provided in 102 (3 m) lengths to attach PERMINATOR to vertical
walls as a protection course for vertical wall waterproofing applications.


Accessory Vapor Barrier Products: PMPC

Accessory Vapor Barrier Products: PMPC

CATALYTIC BONDING ASPHALT is a cutback bonding asphalt. It is a non-setting bitumen with an extremely low oxidation rate. It imparts permanent expansion and contraction characteristics to PMPC without destroying its capability to function as a monolithic vapor barrier.

PMPC TAPE is a sturdy, self-adhering, reinforced tape of polymeric membrane that requires no additional adhesive. It provides a simple, easy, and economical method of effectively sealing horizontal and vertical butt joints. Each strip is nominally 63 (152.4 mm) wide and 502 (15.24 m) long. PMPC TAPE features a quick-strip release paper
for ease of handling and application. Packaging: 6 rolls per carton.

Used for sealing top horizontal terminations or slab protrusions.

More Vapor Barrier Products


Cutback bonding asphalt specifically formulated for use with PMPC

450 Insulation Adhesive
Asphalt-based, cutback type, insulation adhesive of trowel consistency. It provides an excellent vapor barrier.



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