POINTING MASTIC – Cold-Applied Sealing Compound

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pointing-mastic-cold-applied-sealing-compoundCold-Applied, Single-Component Polymeric Sealing Compound

POINTING MASTIC is a pre-mixed, cold-applied, polymeric, single-component sealing compound. POINTING MASTIC was specifically designed to seal all exterior, vertical, and horizontal terminations of MEL-ROL®, PRECON®, MEL-DEKTM, AIR-SHIELDTM, PERMINATOR®, and PREMOULDED MEMBRANE® VAPOR SEAL WITH PLASMATIC® CORE from W. R. MEADOWS. It is also used for adhesive bonding of PROTECTION COURSE and MEL-DRAINTM. POINTING MASTIC can be used on all patches and overlaps in detail areas. It offers excellent cohesive and adhesive qualities when applied to structural concrete, masonry, and/or wood. Once applied, it provides excellent adhesive and bonding strengths. POINTING MASTIC cures to form a tough, flexible membrane.

POINTING MASTIC is designed to meet a variety of building/construction product applications. These uses include sealing terminations for vertical or horizontal vaporproofing or waterproofing membranes, deck waterproofing systems, air barriers, and flashing membranes.

It is used for adhesive bonding of protection course boards and rolled matrix draining systems. POINTING MASTIC is also applied between membrane and clamping rings at all terminations, drains, and protrusions. In addition, POINTING MASTIC is ideal for sealing joints and concrete curbs and gutters. The product can also be used with sewer joints.

POINTING MASTIC can be applied to seal top edge horizontal terminations as well as the inside and outside corners of overlapping detail strips.


  • Premixed and easy to apply with caulking gun or trowel.
  • Excellent cohesive and adhesive strengths.
  • Will not lose bond once applied.
  • Specifically developed for use with detail strips, vaporproofing and waterproofing membranes, protection course boards, and rolled matrix drainage systems.

29 Oz. (857.65 mL) Cartridges
5 Gallon (18.93 Liter) Pails

Approx. 200 lineal ft. (61 m) per gallon (3.79 L), when used as directed.

When stored indoors and in original, unopened containers at temperatures between 40 – 90° F (4 – 32° C), shelf life is a minimum of two years from date of manufacture.


  • Complies with U.S. EPA, LADCO, OTC, and SCAQMD maximum allowable VOC requirements.

Surface Preparation All surfaces to receive an application of POINTING MASTIC should be dry, frost-free, clean, and free of all contaminants.

Application Method … For easy application, store at temperatures of 60° F (16° C) or higher before using. Material will be stiffer and more difficult to work with at cooler temperatures. POINTING MASTIC can be easily applied with a caulking gun or trowel. Apply only in areas that will not be covered with a waterproofing membrane. Apply and spread the material to a thickness of approximately 1/8″ (3.18 mm) in a strip 1 – 3″ (25.4 – 76.2 mm) wide.

A bead of POINTING MASTIC is applied to the top edge horizontal termination of the vaporproofing or waterproofing membranes on vertical walls.

The corner and footing on inside corners are finished with POINTING MASTIC in the center of the detail strip where the vertical wall and footing meet. The outside corner is finished with POINTING MASTIC in the lower center point where vertical wall and footing meet.

POINTING MASTIC should also be applied at the laps around corners, extending 12″ (305 mm) in each direction from the corner.

A bead of POINTING MASTIC should also be applied between membrane and clamping rings and at all terminations, drains, and protrusions.

Application temperature should coincide with the product is it being used with.

Cleanup Tools can be cleaned with mineral spirits at the end of each workday. Follow manufacturer’s precautions when using a solvent as a cleaner.

POINTING MASTIC VAPOR IS FLAMMABLE. Read and follow application information and Health and Safety information on product label.

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This material last updated August 2012.


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