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Deck-O-Shield and sealers applied afterwards

If a contractor uses Deck-O-Shield on fully hydrated concrete, is that the only type of sealer that can be used thereafter? Could an acrylic film forming sealer be used at some future time? Is there any established time frame that is recommended before retreating, such as once annually?

Deck-O-Shield should not be used on surfaces that are to receive subsequent treatments such as paint, coatings, toppings, etc. Due to its repellency properties, it will inhibit proper adhesion of these other coatings, sealers, etc.

Once Deck-O-Shield has been applied and the optimum amount of product is achieved, the additional coat will “bead-up.” Once this occurs, no further applications should be attempted.

Typically, re-treatment should be done annually, depending on the severity of the conditions where the product is used.

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