Protect Your Structure against the Ingress of Moisture with AIR-SHIELD LM

Air-Shield LM 7.2016Hampshire, IL – AIR-SHIELD LM by W. R. MEADOWS is a single-component, liquid-applied, water-based, polymer-modified air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier, formulated to prevent the transmission of air and inhibit vapor and moisture from passing through porous building materials.

The liquid-applied characteristic of AIR-SHIELD LM makes for a simple application, while it is also a sprayable product. It is suitable for both new construction and restoration projects.

To assist with joint treatment of exterior sheathing panels when using AIR-SHIELD LM or AIR-SHIELD LM (ALL SEASON) fluid-applied membranes, W. R. MEADOWS has published a set of installation instructions.  This document outlines recommend instructions put forth by W. R. MEADOWS, and is complete with graphics that help reinforce the guidelines.

This document is an important piece of our AIR-SHIELD LM literature,” said Russ Snow, Building Science Specialist at W. R. MEADOWS.  “It provides an excellent framework for the treatment of joints in exterior sheathing panels as it pertains to AIR-SHIELD LM.”

The installation instructions for joint treatment of exterior sheathing panels are available on our website and can be printed or downloaded. If you have any questions during installation, or if your set of circumstances is different than what the document indicates, please contact our Technical Services team for assistance.



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