W. R. MEADOWS Releases PRECON Brochure

precon brochure2Hampshire, ILPRECON, a popular, durable blindside membrane for vertical applications and for underslab waterproofing and vaporproofing in horizontal applications, is the subject of a new brochure in W. R. MEADOWS’ library.

Designed as an educational piece, the brochure focuses on PRECON’s uses, benefits, versatility, and technical data. This piece of literature expands upon all the reasons why the product has become a top choice amongst architects for their biggest projects, and why contractors have enjoyed working with it.

Our PRECON brochure is multi-faceted: not only does it show off the benefits of the product and mention some different uses for it, but it also lists other W. R. MEADOWS products that work in concert with PRECON, as well as important technical data. It’s a one-stop shop for information on this product.

As blindside waterproofing applications are critical to the performance of the structure, we feel it is important to continually provide updated information educating the construction industry on the benefits of our PRECON waterproofing/vaporproofing membrane. This brochure is designed to do just that.”

Click here to order your free brochure. PRECON samples are also available by request.



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