MEL-DRAIN – Rolled Matrix Drainage System

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MEL-DRAIN is a dimple-raised, molded polystyrene sheet bonded to high strength polypropylene fabric. This geocomposite allows the passage of moisture through the fabric while preventing fine soils from entering the drainage channel. Various drain designs are available, depending on soil pressure and flow specifications. (An optional polyester backing film is available when used in conjunction with flexible waterproofing material.) The family of MEL-DRAIN products provides excellent protection in vertical, horizontal, and site applications.

Used in conjunction with a total W. R. MEADOWS moisture protection system, MEL-DRAIN is the ideal choice for enhanced waterproofing protection of basement walls, plaza decks, earth-sheltered homes, commercial buildings, retaining walls, underground parking, site drainage, etc.


  • High flow capacity, without clogging/Relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup.
  • High compressive strength/Dependable, long life performance.
  • Easy to install; durable under jobsite conditions/Lower total installed cost.
  • Chemically resistant to all naturally occurring soil conditions/Wide variety of applications.
  • Provides added protection for waterproofing materials/Enhances waterproofing performance.
  • Part of a complete W. R. MEADOWS moisture protection system/Worry-free, single-source solution.
For vertical, below-grade applications, unroll MEL-DRAIN with flat, core side against the wall or waterproofing material. POINTING MASTIC or MEL-PRIME from W. R. MEADOWS are excellent adhesives compatible with this installation. The flat side core lip is overlapped to provide a continuous drainage layer. Extra filter fabric is provided at the edges for overlapping with the next sheet. MEL-DRAIN is easily cut with construction knives or scissors.

For horizontal applications, unroll and overlap so that water runs with overlap. Add appropriate ballast as needed to hold down drainage board.

Mel-Drain cross section

MEL-DRAIN Technical Data

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Material last updated June 2014.


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