DECRA-SEAL – Decorative Concrete Curing and Sealing Compound

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decra-seal-pr2Non-Yellowing Acrylic Curing and Sealing Compound for Decorative Concrete

DECRA-SEAL is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, high solids, liquid curing and sealing compound for decorative concrete. The product is clear, transparent and easy to apply. DECRA-SEAL also offers improved resistance to water, alkalis, and petroleum spirits. The product has been formulated to seal and protect decorative colored concrete by producing a hard yet flexible, clear film. This product is specifically formulated for the decorative concrete market.

DECRA-SEAL is designed for various applications, including exterior concrete surfaces, driveways, patios, swimming pool areas, exposed aggregate concrete surfaces, as well as any exterior surface where protection and sealing of concrete is desired. The use of DECRA-SEAL on any exterior concrete surface provides a durable, long-lasting, high-sheen finish that offers improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and abrasion.


  • Permeable film allows moisture in cured concrete to evaporate.
  • Seals all concrete surfaces, providing a glossy, long-lasting appearance and easier cleanup.
  • Provides a totally clear membrane that will not yellow, for new or existing concrete.
  • Helps minimize spalling of exterior concrete.
  • Provides good blush resistance in damp areas.
  • Applies easily … dries to the touch in 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Provides a clear, tough film that improves abrasion and stain resistance.
  • Offers improved resistance to oil, grease, de-icing salts, cleaning agents (except aromatic solvents), and other pollutants.
  • Can be recoated after thorough surface cleaning to restore original beauty.
  • VOC-compliant.

1 Gallon (3.79 L) Cans (4/Carton)
5 Gallon (18.93 L) Pails

300 – 600 ft.2/gal. (7.37 – 14.73 m2/L)
Coverage may vary due to porosity and condition of the concrete.

When stored indoors in original, unopened containers at temperatures between 40° – 90° F (4° – 32° C), optimum performance and best use is obtained within two years of date of manufacture.


  • ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class A & B
  • ASTM C 1315, Type 1, Class A
  • AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class A & B
  • U.S. EPA AIM Regulation 40CFR Part 59 – 700 g/L maximum VOC

The following results were obtained under laboratory conditions:

Drying Time @ 73° F, 50% RH 1 – 2 hours***
Re-coat 2 – 24 hours
Foot Traffic 4 – 6 hours
Wheel Traffic 6 – 12 hours
VOC Content 690 g/L
Adhesion to Concrete Excellent
Ultraviolet (UV) degradation
ASTM C 1315, 8.7
Ultraviolet Resistance
Chalk Resistance
Check/Peel Resistance
No chalking
No deterioration
Alkali Resistance Excellent

**All technical data is typical information, but may vary due to test methods, conditions and operators.
***Low concrete or air temperatures and/or high relative humidity will extend drying times.

Fresh (New) Concrete … Apply as soon as all surface water has disappeared and the concrete surface will not be marred by walking workers.

Existing (Old) Concrete … Concrete surface must be clean and dry with all stains, oil, grease, dust, dirt, and curing compounds removed prior to application. ULTRITE® DEGREASER from W. R. MEADOWS is recommended for cleaning.

Application Method … Use a sprayer or short-nap roller [1/4″ (6.35 mm) is ideal] to apply a uniform film. Avoid puddling in low areas. If puddles occur, brush or roll them out. A standard industrial-grade sprayer, such as a Chapin 19069, equipped with Viton fittings, a 0.5 GPM nozzle, and fan spray pattern, is recommended. Apply over the entire surface; avoid puddling in low areas.

For full application guidelines, please visit

Mixing … For optimum performance, gentle mixing or agitation is recommended. CAUTION: TO AVOID FOAMING, DO NOT MIX EXCESSIVELY.

Drying Time … Product dries quickly. Drying times will vary depending on application rate, temperature, humidity, and project conditions. Restrict foot traffic for at least four hours. Twelve hours is preferable.

Cleanup … Clean tools after use with a solvent such as xylene, toluene, or SEALTIGHT CLEANER from W. R. MEADOWS.

FOR OUTSIDE/EXTERIOR APPLICATION ONLY. DECRA-SEAL IS FLAMMABLE. KEEP AWAY FROM ALL OPEN FLAMES, SPARKS, IGNITION SOURCES, etc. Use with adequate ventilation and block all HVAC ventilation ducts which may spread product vapors – vapors are flammable and heavier than air. If product odors are objectionable, W. R. MEADOWS recommends using a water-based product, such as DECRA-SEAL W/B or any of the VOCOMP® series products. DECRA-SEAL must be applied without diluting or thinning. Surfaces treated with DECRA-SEAL may become slippery under certain conditions. To increase slip resistance, addition of SURE-STEP from W. R. MEADOWS is recommended.

DECRA-SEAL should not be applied in direct sunlight, or in high temperature conditions. These conditions cause rapid evaporation, preventing proper film formation, which may cause the dried film to peel, bubble, become hazy, and/or turn white (blush). Surface temperature of the concrete must be between 40° – 90° F (4° – 32° C) at time of application to allow for proper film formation.

DECRA-SEAL should not be applied to concrete exposed to excessive moisture. Entrapped moisture in a solvent-based sealer may cause the film to peel and/or turn white (blush). Improper or over-application may cause the dried DECRA-SEAL film to appear hazy and/or white.

Product may be used on colored concrete, but mottling may occur. Do not use on dense or non-porous surfaces, i.e. brick, stone, etc. Concrete containing calcium chloride will remain dark longer when treated with this product. Concrete floors properly sealed with DECRA-SEAL meet the requirements of ASTM C 1315, Section 8.8 – Adhesion, for ceramic tile adhesives per ANSI A 136.1-1992 requirements. For any other specifications, applications, installations, etc., please obtain approval for use from the manufacturer of the subsequent product/treatment being applied. These products may include, but are not limited to adhesives, mortars, tile cements, paints, coatings, penetrating treatments, etc. The specifier and user shall determine the suitability of product for specific applications and assume all responsibility in connection therewith.

Do not use on exposed aggregate overlays.

Avoid direct contact with this product, as it may cause irritation of the eyes and/or skin. Inhalation of vapors may result in transient central nervous system depression. DECRA-SEAL is combustible. DECRA-SEAL should not be utilized in locations where food items are present. Refer to Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information.

May help contribute to LEED credits:

  • MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management
  • MR Credit 5: Regional Materials

This material last updated March 2016.


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