Doon South Sanitary Pumping Station

Project Name: Doon South Sanitary Pumping Station
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Engineer: MMM Group
Contractor: Stone Town Construction
Subcontractor: Forest City Caulking & Restoration
Salesperson: David Boyle
Scope: 6,000 square feet

Tank was built using concrete caissons. Discussion ensued over the best way to waterproof the tank. Engineer didn’t want to apply a coating on the inside of the tank. Then, the decision was made to apply PRECON as a sandwich waterproofing.

Due to the irregular shape of the walls, plywood was attached and concrete was poured behind it for a solid base. PRECON was installed on the floor and brought up 3′ and turned up onto the plywood. The 3′ thick concrete floor will be poured and then MEL-DRAIN will be attached to the plywood and then PRECON. Afterwards, rebar and a concrete wall will be poured onto the PRECON.


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