Concrete Restoration Projects

Kolde Construction Warehouse Approach

Project: Kolde Construction Warehouse Approach Location: St. Marys, Kansas, USA Contractor: Kolde Construction, Inc. Salesperson: Jim Weatherly Products: MEADOW-PATCH T1 REZI-WELD 1000 Scope: 800 square feet Patched 4' x 200' long entry approach underneath Kolde … [Read more...]

Seagate Condominiums

Project: SEAGATE CONDOMINUMS Location: Ocean City, MD Concrete deck and facade repairs, salt air damage Product: MEADOW-CRETE FNP   … [Read more...]

Lions Manor

Project: Lions Manor Location: Windsor, Ontario Product System: MEADOW-CRETE H2/OV, MEADOW-CRETE FNP, PATCH PRIME   … [Read more...]

Parking Garage Restoration

Parking Garage Restoration Location: Kitchener, ON Product System: PATCH-PRIME MEADOW-CRETE H2 MEADOW-PATCH T1 DECK-O-SEAL   … [Read more...]

Yum Yum Tree Condominiums

YUM YUM TREE CONDOMINIUMS Location: Treasure Island, FL Contractor: Wilson & Kehoe Corporation, Largo FL Engineering Firm: Crain Construction Consultants Products: MEADOW-CRETE® FNP EXT MEADOW-CRETE GPS ACRY-LOK™ YUM YUM TREE CONDOMINIUMS is located just … [Read more...]

Irvine Tissue – Pre-cast Panel Restoration

Project: Pre-cast Panel Restoration Irvine Tissue Location: Toronto, Canada Product System: MEADOW-PATCH T1 MEADOW-PATCH T2 MEADOW-PATCH FNP     … [Read more...]

Kenworth Plant

Project: Kenworth Plant Location: Mexicali, Mexico Products: MEADOW-CRETE® H2 Repair Mortar ACRY-LOK™ Admixture 1100-CLEAR Curing Compound EVAPRE™ Evaporation Retardant Steve Geiger, Product Group Manager: Concrete Restoration of W. R. MEADOWS, INC., and Mike Knapp, … [Read more...]

Hurt Parking Plaza

Project: Hurt Parking Plaza Location: Atlanta, Georgia Product: MEADOW-CRETE FNP Flowable Structural Repair Mortar   … [Read more...]

Coastal House Condominiums

Project: Coastal House Condominiums Location: Delray Beach, Florida Products: MEADOW-PATCH T1, MEADOW-CRETE GPS Repair Mortars Systematically repairing numerous balconies Extensive concrete and stucco repairs Extensive vertical and … [Read more...]

Private Residence – Driveway Restoration

Project: Private Residence Location: Inverness, Illinois, USA Contractor: Creative Concrete Salesperson: Jim Becker Concrete Restoration Products: MEADOW-PATCH T2 Concrete Resurfacer ACRY-LOK Acrylic-Polymer, Bond-Enhancing Admixture This was a heavily aggregate … [Read more...]

Montgomery Ward Building

Project: Montgomery Ward Building Location: Ft. Worth, Texas W. R. MEADOWS of TEXAS - Salesrep: Reggie Hill Architect: Hodges & Associates / Contractor: Thomas S. Byrne, LTD MEADOWS Products: Repair Mortars / Grouts - MEADOW-CRETE® FNP, MEADOW-PATCH™ T1, CG-86 … [Read more...]

Valley Ho Resort

Project: Valley Ho Resort Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Contractor: Kitchell Contractors Concrete Restoration - Products: MEADOW-CRETE GPS MEADOW-CRETE FNP MEADOW-PATCH T1 REZI-WELD GEL PASTE VOCOMP-20 VOCOMP-30 Originally built in 1956, Hotel Valley Ho, with its … [Read more...]

Lock and Dam 9 – Polymer-Modified Repair Mortar

Project: Lock and Dam 9 Location: Guttenberg, IA Contractor: TCI Construction Salesperson: Jim Becker Product: MEADOW-PATCH T2 Quantity: 1200 bags The application consisted of repairing the vertical joint nosings along the entire length of the half-mile … [Read more...]

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Project: Children's Museum of Phoenix Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA Contractor: Decorative Concrete Staining & Scoring, Inc. Salesperson: Greg Neundorfer Scope: 1800 square feet Products: ACRY-LOK™ BELLATRIX® DECRA-SEAL™ FLOOR-TOP® STG LIQUI-HARD® … [Read more...]

Port of Portland

Project: Port of Portland Location: Portland, Oregon, USA Architect: Port of Portland Marine Division Contractor: Pioneer Waterproofing Salesperson: Bryon Allen Product: MEADOW-CRETE® FNP       … [Read more...]

Boston Center for Adult Education

Project: Boston Center for Adult Education Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Engineer: JKP Structural Engineering Group, Inc. Contractor: Building Restoration Services Corporation Products: MEADOW-CRETE® FNP MEADOW-CRETE GPS REZI-WELD™ GEL … [Read more...]

Luhrs Building

Project: Luhrs Building Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA Contractor: Five Star Concrete Services, Inc. Salesperson: Greg Neundorfer Scope: 13,000 sq. ft. Products: FLOOR-TOP® STG MEADOW-CRETE® FNP EXTENDED PARGE-ALL AF REZI-WELD™ … [Read more...]