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concrete-degreaser-ultrite-degreaserULTRITE® DEGREASER
Heavy-Duty Concrete Degreaser and Stripper

ULTRITE DEGREASER is a heavy-duty concrete degreaser and stripper, which will biodegrade. It naturally and safely replaces mineral spirits and chlorinated solvent-based heavy-duty concrete degreaser products.

ULTRITE DEGREASER penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, polymers, fats, and greases. Use ULTRITE DEGREASER to remove dirt, tire marks, oil spills, grease, and other contaminants. It will also remove most curing compounds and cure/seals from concrete floors. Periodic stripping of concrete floors is in keeping with good concrete maintenance practices. It is ideal for use in warehouses, industrial plants, food processing plants, schools, automotive plants, parking garages, plazas, and service stations – anywhere cleaning and stripping of concrete surfaces is required.

  • Both a stripper and a degreaser in one.
  • Ready and easy to use full-strength directly from the container.
  • Biodegradable.
May help contribute to LEED credits:
  • MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management
  • MR Credit 5: Regional Materials
55 Gallon (208.20 L) Drums
5 Gallon (18.93 L) Pails
1 Gallon (3.8 L) Units
Stripping/Degreasing/Heavy-Duty Cleaning: 100-200 ft.²/gal. (2.5-4.9 m²/L).
Shelf Life
1 year in unopened, unused container.
Flash point:
Solubility in water:
Rinsability with water:
* Biodegradable:
Clear To Yellow in Color
7.95 lb.
130° F (54° C)
100% after proper dilution
* NOTE: When applied and rinsed per W. R. MEADOWS instructions, the material raised from the surface will contain residual amounts of petroleum hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are generally very low in concentration and will not have a negative environmental impact on affected soils. Material(s) removed by ULTRITE DEGREASER will need to comply with local, state, and federal disposal requirements.

Keep from freezing. Use only on masonry or concrete surfaces. Do not use on painted surfaces. Results may vary on colored concrete–a small test patch application is recommended to ensure that the final appearance is acceptable. DO NOT ALLOW ULTRITE DEGREASER TO DRY OUT. (See Step 2 under Application.) Use material “as is” in the container … do not dilute. Do not apply if the temperature of the concrete is less than 35° F (2° C) or above 130° F (57° C).

Application of ULTRITE DEGREASER may depend on the type of curing compound, oil or grease on the surface and in the pores of the concrete.

Note: For severe oil and/or grease stains, it may be necessary to follow ACI Guide 515.1R (Section 3.4.2) or the Portland Cement Association (PCA) publication IS214T. These publications outline specific instructions for stain removal, which can be followed by an application of ULTRITE DEGREASER. (Copies of these articles may be obtained through your local W. R. MEADOWS representative.) A typical application is as follows:

Step 1…Apply ULTRITE DEGREASER full strength from the container to remove heavy dirt buildup, tire marks, oil spills, grease, hydraulic fluid, and any other difficult to remove contaminants from the concrete surface. For normal cleaning applications and for removing curing compounds and cure and seals, apply at full strength to the entire floor. Do not allow ULTRITE DEGREASER in “as applied” form to spill or run off of the concrete.

Step 2 … Apply ULTRITE DEGREASER and allow it to soften the coating or stain, but DO NOT ALLOW THE SURFACE TO DRY. (Soak times vary depending on the ambient conditions and the degree of staining on the concrete.) In severe cases, it may be necessary to apply additional ULTRITE DEGREASER to remove stains and/or to prevent the treated area from drying out.

Step 3…With a stiff bristle brush or mechanical scrubber, thoroughly scrub the treated area.

Step 4…Rinse the area with large amounts of clean water. The cleaning action of ULTRITE DEGREASER may be evident by the very light whitish appearance of the initial water rinse. Keep rinsing with water until there is no visible trace of the product on the concrete. Disposal of rinse should follow all local, state, and federal regulations.

Step 5…Test patch the dry concrete prior to painting or applying a subsequent surface treatment. If necessary, clean the concrete floor with ULTRITE DEGREASER again until the desired results are achieved.

Clean all tools and equipment after use with water.

Note: Although this product has a low degree of hazard, the materials that it dissolves might be considered hazardous and should be disposed of according to all local, state and federal regulations.

Combustible mixture. Keep this product away from ignition sources. Can cause irritation of both skin and eyes. Wear chemical resistant gloves and glasses at all times. Harmful if swallowed. This product is for industrial and institutional use only by trained personnel. Keep out of reach of children.

Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information.

This material last updated November 2009.


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