Can insulation be placed over 501 SEALMASTIC? After the product flashes off, will it still be harmful to the insulation?

Once 501 SEALMASTIC is completely dry (all the solvent has flashed off), the damproofing will not adversely affect the insulation.

Will SEALMASTIC Emulsion adhere to aluminum?

Yes, SEALMASTIC Emulsion will adhere to aged, new, mill finish, or anodized aluminum.

Can SEALMASTIC TYPE II be used on below-grade steel?

Yes.  SEALMASTIC TYPE II will not be deleteriously affected by steel or have a negative impact on the steel.

Are there any studies regarding the reaction of plant roots systems to the Sealmastic emulsion products?

Do plants roots attract to this type of material, leading to the breakdown of such products? Asphaltic and asphalt coal...

How long does the concrete need to cure prior to application of the Sealmastic solvent products?

The concrete must be a minimum of 14 days old prior to application.
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