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Is HS-1 SL paintable?

No, the product is not paintable. View Data Sheet

Are Cera-Rod and Kool-Rod UV-resistant?

No, we cannot guarantee that the products would perform as required when exposed to UV rays.

Will Sof-Seal interact or deter epoxy paint?

An epoxy paint coating will not bond well to Sof-Seal.  It is not specifically designed to accept paints or coatings.

What is the chlorine exposure limit of Deck-O-Seal Gun Grade?

Deck-O-Seal Gun Grade is suitable for exposure at 15 PPM of chlorine.

What joint sealant is recommend for occasional exposure to bleach (sodium hypochlorite)?

Pourthane NS will hold up to occasional bleach spills, but it will discolor. We do not have a sealant designed...

What is the cure time for Safe-Seal 3405?

At 77° F ambient temperature, the product will partially cure after 24 hours. It may take several days for a...

Why is Deck-O-Seal chalking and does it affect the performance of the product?

The chalking is caused by a reaction with the pool chemicals. It is a surface effect only and does not...

Can joints that have been under filled with sealant be “topped off” with additional sealant after they have cured?

Chemical-cured sealants such as Deck-O-Seal products, Pourthane, C/A Sof-Seal, do not adhere well to themselves unless solvent wiped and/or abraded...
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