Can Rezi-Weld 3/2 and/or Rezi-Weld 1000 work for an application of metal to metal?

Rezi-Weld 3/2 is the suitable product for use with metal to metal.  The metal must be cleaned and degreased.

Is a there a test to determine if a grout is epoxy or not epoxy?

Visually, an epoxy grout will be glossy whereas the cement-based grout should be flat.  Also, mild acid test could be...

Can Rezi-Weld LV be used in gravity-fed applications?

Although Rezi-Weld LV can be used in gravity-fed applications, the product is primarily designed for pressure injecting. We do offer...

Can you add a pigment to our repair mortars and/or grouts?

Yes, we would recommend a dry, natural pigment to help with compatibility instead of water-based pigment dispersion from either Davis...

Can you use a solvent based sealer with a polymer modified repair mortar?

No, we do not recommend a solvent based coating, sealer, silane / siloxane waterproofing penetrating sealer, etc. The solvent may...
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