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Construction Grout

What is the W. R. Meadows equivalent of BASF MasterFlow 928?

588-10K and 1428 HP are equivalent to MasterFlow 928. MasterFlow 928 has both high strength and long working time. 588-10K...

Does W. R. Meadows manufacture a grout that is suitable to exposure to hydrogen sulfide?

It depends on concentration.  If less than 25 ppm, 588-10K will be suitable.

How many lbs. of Adi-Con CW Plus need to be added when using CG-86?

Add 6 oz. by volume or 0.40 lbs. by weight per 50 lb. bag of CG-86.

What is the service temperature of V-1?

V-1 resists heat up to 300° C after it has been properly cured for at least 28 days.

Is a there a test to determine if a grout is epoxy or not epoxy?

Visually, an epoxy grout will be glossy whereas the cement-based grout should be flat.  Also, mild acid test could be...

Does W. R. Meadows offer any cementitious grout products that conform to NQA-1 requirements?

W. R. Meadows does not have any products that conform to NQA-1 requirements.

Can EG-96 HP be used without aggregate?

Can EG-96 HP be used without aggregate? The application requires doweling and the hole is deep (1 m) but not...
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