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Is CLAY-TITE compatible with stone foundations?

Yes, CLAY-TITE is compatible with stone foundation applications. However, minimum compaction/conferment values must meet recommendations outlined in the installation guideline....

If HRM 714 is applied over aluminum, would it cause the aluminum to flake and, if so, would that prevent a problem with a tight seal?

HRM 714 shouldn’t cause aluminum to flake.

Can Mel-Rol LM (All Season) be diluted?

No, diluting Mel-Rol LM (All Season) is not recommended.

What are the proper waterproofing products for a foundation wall?

MEL-ROL, PRECON, MEL-ROL LM, CLAY-TITE, and HYDRALASTIC 836, as part of a complete W. R. MEADOWS waterproofing system.

What sprayer is compatible with our liquid-applied waterproofing and air-barrier products?

Extensive field testing has shown that the Graco GH 833 Big Rig or Hydra Max 350 (now obsolete) sprayers work...
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