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Expansion Joints


Yes, ASPHALT EXPANSION JOINT can be cut with a razor-type knife.

Is Sponge Rubber Expansion Joint resistant to oil?

No, the product is not resistant to oil.

Is Ceramar is resistant to liquid oxygen?

No, Ceramar is not resistant to liquid oxygen in direct or extended exposure.

How high of temperatures will Fibre Expansion Joint be able to withstand?

Fibre Expansion Joint should be able to withstand temperatures of up to 200° F (93.3° C).

Is Ceramar jet-fuel resistant?

We have internal lab testing similar to DIN 53428 (7 days at room temperature). Ceramar contact with type A jet...

Will Ceramar resist intermittent contact with luminol tri transformer oil or any other types of oil?

Ceramar is oil resistant. Contact will not be an issue.
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