How long does it take POURTHANE SL to cure?

The surface gel time is about 1-3 hours; then, the moisture penetrates from the surface and migrates to inside to...

Will Pourthane bond to an epoxy countertop?

Will Pourthane bond to an epoxy countertop? A customer wants to seal a 3/8” joint between a PVC sink and...

What joint sealant is recommend for occasional exposure to bleach (sodium hypochlorite)?

Pourthane NS will hold up to occasional bleach spills, but it will discolor. We do not have a sealant designed...

Are the Pourthane products suitable for wastewater environments (i.e., hydrogen sulfide, etc.)?

No, the Pourthane products are not designed for wastewater environments and would not be appropriate for this type of application.
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